The idea of 99saw.com is to provide honest information on different technology products in the format of a "top 10" list. We want this website to be the ultimate destination for people who choose the best product to suit their needs. Whether it's a new gaming keyboard, laptop, electric razor, treadmill, or some other tech product, you can find our unbiased reviews here at 99saw. Take a glance, please, and don't miss to write a comment.

About 99saw.com

The 99saw were born after an argument between Malik Waqas and Hafiz Muhammad Sajjad. They wanted to know which consoles were the best to play. We realized that there must be a lot of people trying to figure out what is "best for X". If you're trying to work out which material is better for you, we're going to do that. Think 99saw will help you. Many people choose whatever product their friends recommend, without doing any research. That is understood. Not everybody has the capacity to do their own analysis and to read numerous reviews. That argument Waqas had with Sajjad about the best game consoles ended up in an electronics store. They looked at fifty consoles. Some were good, and some were great. Some were rubbish, and some were very expensive. After spending a few hours in the store, Waqas left with nothing but a great idea for a website.

Know More About Us

We love technology! We are blatantly geeks about it. So, we will tell you what we think fairly and impartially. That's what it's about. We can promise this because 99saw is the largest technology reviews and guides site. Our professional freedom is underpinned by the power of tech publishers—future plus objective test data from 99saw Labs. 999saw will inform you about the most interesting tech peripherals. We will work hard to provide you with original quotes and exclusive access. We will review it thoroughly and carefully. We will explain how it works and why you buy it (or not). Then it's up to you. Add your own comments and opinions. Check the equipment's yourself. There really is no privilege on the facts. Contact Us what you think.

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